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Miles Bader <> writes:

> David Kastrup <> writes:
>> I don't think that this kind of syntax fits well with the rest of Lua,
> That's what it comes down to -- taste.  You don't like it.

Oh, it's fine in Haskell.  Really wonderful.  I like it where it

I like sed.  I like awk.  I like C.  I don't like perl which appears to
be based on the premise "let us accept input looking like sed scripts,
input looking like awk scripts, input looking like C".  I hate that.
Ruby goes down similar roads.  I like Ada generics and their syntax
fitting within the framework of Ada's constraint syntax.  I hate how C++
adopted them as "templates" without bothering to even match the syntax
to C.  The syntax clashes with << and >> operators, for example.

I like Scheme and Lisp to a certain degree (even though nobody actually
programs functionally in them, set!/setq being all over the place).

The one thing that really struck me about Lua is that Lua programs looks
like Lua.  They don't go fancy-syntax fishing elsewhere.  That's kind of
unusual for a script language nowadays.

> Other people do.

Good thing not everybody and the world has commit access, then.

David Kastrup