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2009/12/3 David Given <>:
> Which version are you using? Do you have Lua bindings for the more
> exotic bits, such as the AGG widget set?

I'm using the GPL version of AGG since GSL Shell itselt is GSL.
Talking about the bindings, for the moment I've something very limited
but functional for doing most standard simple drawing of lines and
polygons. No binding for widgets or even to draw font glyphs.

For the other side I'm planning to extend the binding to cover more
functionalities but my objective is not to have a complete set of
bindings to AGG. The reason is that the library is very well designed
in C++ with templates and to convert everything in Lua is not
interesting. I think is more interesting to use AGG directly from
C/C++ library code and writing a slightly more higher level interface
depending on your application. This is what I've done and I'm planning
to extend.

Thank you for your remarks.