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Francesco Abbate wrote:
>>From the technical point of view I was surprised to discover how
> *good* is the AGG library, it is one on the most remarkable piece of
> software I've ever seen. It is written in C++ and heavily uses
> templates. The strong point of the library are:

Yes, it's fantastic! Well worth a look if you want to draw graphics ---
it produces *the* nicest vector graphic output I've ever seen.

Incidentally, people should be aware there are three versions:

- - v2.5, which is GPL'd (not LGPL'd!)
- - v2.4, which is most MITish/BSDish, but also contains a restricted
license component
- - the 'lightweight rasterizer', which is MITish

So you need to be careful depending on what you're using it for.

We're using the lightweight rasterizer. This is a scarily tiny library
consisting of two whole source files that will draw closed polygons onto
a variety of surfaces. It doesn't do anything else, but it supports
polygons of arbitrary complexity, alpha blending, subpixel antialiasing,
is extraordinarily clear and easy to adapt (once you've got your head
around the weird template constructions), and has an MITish license ---
it's an ideal starting point for more complex things. I did do some Lua
bindings, but it's so trivial to interface to that they're not worth

Which version are you using? Do you have Lua bindings for the more
exotic bits, such as the AGG widget set?

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