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> More likely Canada, according to the OED's entry on "sucker"; the use
> of "to suck" in this sense appears more recent.

That makes sense- the first time I think I heard "sucks" was Wayne's
World (1991) with the Canadian Mike Myers. In my mind Wayne and Garth
freed it from sexual connotations- innuendo wasn't their thing.

It would require a lot of motivation to try Lua, dislike it, not have
one's problems helped or a patch referred to by this list, then
register To hate a language that much one would probably
have done a large project which came unstuck due to some fundamental
(and unfixable) flaw in the language. Most of the discussion in this
list seems to be tinkering around the edges (the posts I read anyway!)

Otherwise it could be a bored teen who hopefully wouldn't have
anything eloquent to say.