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One thing that would be so nice to have is optional typing. I think Python 3 has that (correct if I'm wrong). And C# has something similar, coming from the other direction.

Lua with optional static type checking would expand the use of the language much. And we've shown it can be done.

- asko

On 29.10.2009, at 18.58, Andrew Wilson <> wrote:

Hi Patrick,

Tutorials are a great way to promote Lua.

I believe Ruby on Rail filled a need so adding something you find
useful to a lua library or lua  is certainly a good way to promote

LuaForge is currently being redesigned that should help
promote lua.

Maybe ??


On Thu, Oct 29, 2009 at 8:54 AM, Patrick
<> wrote:
As I was saying I am new to Lua and I have not finished with the basics but again I am already in love with it. Once I am competent I would like to start promoting the language and I was wondering what would be best.

I thought I could do some screencast tutorials.

When I was learning PHP, Python and now C/C++, one of the first things I did/do was search for Python sucks, PHP sucks etc. BTW this also works
well with hosting providers to dig up dirt.

Lua sucks actually comes up with few results and the complaints are
rather silly but still I was thinking about registering or
something similar. I was thinking it might be helpful to try to "own"
this keyword and displace others on the net. It could be a place to
dispel myths about Lua(I.E it's a gaming language) and ways to mediate
justifiable complaints.

I watch the Tiobe index a lot and it has affected my decisions but I am wondering how valid it is. Even if it is not valid it's probably a force
we have to deal with. As of October 2009 Lua is at position 20.

Ruby was no where before Rails but I don't believe the language changed so much, people just discovered it once they saw it's usefulness in one application. Now Ruby has momentum and I bet it would still be popular without Rails. It seems like programmers may have a herding instinct and
just want to follow the pack. This could work against Lua.

It looks like the Delphi community has intentional manipulated Tiobe,
please see:

The call went out to put "Delphi programming on every page in visible
text (update the template). Stand up and be counted" and it worked and Tiobe congratulated them for it apparently. Do we need to do the same?
Or should we educate people about the dangers of Tiobe's methodology?
Doing nothing might not be a good idea.