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Hi Patrick,

Tutorials are a great way to promote Lua.

I believe Ruby on Rail filled a need so adding something you find
useful to a lua library or lua  is certainly a good way to promote

LuaForge is currently being redesigned that should help
promote lua.

Maybe ??


On Thu, Oct 29, 2009 at 8:54 AM, Patrick
<> wrote:
> As I was saying I am new to Lua and I have not finished with the basics
> but again I am already in love with it. Once I am competent I would like
> to start promoting the language and I was wondering what would be best.
> I thought I could do some screencast tutorials.
> When I was learning PHP, Python and now C/C++, one of the first things I
> did/do was search for Python sucks, PHP sucks etc. BTW this also works
> well with hosting providers to dig up dirt.
> Lua sucks actually comes up with few results and the complaints are
> rather silly but still I was thinking about registering or
> something similar. I was thinking it might be helpful to try to "own"
> this keyword and displace others on the net. It could be a place to
> dispel myths about Lua(I.E it's a gaming language) and ways to mediate
> justifiable complaints.
> I watch the Tiobe index a lot and it has affected my decisions but I am
> wondering how valid it is. Even if it is not valid it's probably a force
> we have to deal with. As of October 2009 Lua is at position 20.
> Ruby was no where before Rails but I don't believe the language changed
> so much, people just discovered it once they saw it's usefulness in one
> application. Now Ruby has momentum and I bet it would still be popular
> without Rails. It seems like programmers may have a herding instinct and
> just want to follow the pack. This could work against Lua.
> It looks like the Delphi community has intentional manipulated Tiobe,
> please see:
> The call went out to put "Delphi programming on every page in visible
> text (update the template). Stand up and be counted" and it worked and
> Tiobe congratulated them for it apparently. Do we need to do the same?
> Or should we educate people about the dangers of Tiobe's methodology?
> Doing nothing might not be a good idea.
> -Patrick