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Are there any examples of using wxLua with OpenGL? Because I can't make it work for some reason.

I use Lua for Windows 5.1.4-28 (to make things much easier). There's an OpenGL example with IUP, but not with wxLua.
I copied the minimal wxLua example and added the code from wx's cube example. The result is here:
What happens is that the application freezes right after frame:Show(true), without calling any of the event handlers I've connected. An empty window appears, but I can't even move it, I can only kill the process.
By attaching a debugger to the process I see that there seems to be an endless recursion (though this should cause a crash, not just freezing), because the stack is quite long and there are alternating calls inside the OpenGL driver, wx DLLs and Windows DLLs.

Which leads me to another question - wouldn't it be a good idea to provide a debug version of Lua for Windows (along with PDBs)? It would help in such cases when we need to get "under the hood" to understand what's happening.