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Hi Alex,

* On 2009-10-15 Alex de Magalhães <> wrote  :

> I am an undergraduate student and on the course of Dedicated Operating
> Systems I must choose a theme for a implementation project in system
> software. I chose to research and implement some changes to the Lua virtual
> machine.
> Thus, I would like to know what papers, or books, or tutorials you recommend
> me to read, and if there are documents describing the implementation of the
> virtual machine so I can study it. I downloaded the Lua source code, I saw
> the files related to LVM, but there's not MUCH documentation in the code,
> and everything I know about its functionality is what I read in articles
> about it.

The first thing that comes to mind would be 'The implementation of Lua
5.0', which can be found at

Do you plan to publish the results of your research after you're done ?