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Can't you create a table of events? Your example would become


An event is but one example of the uses of hashed strings in the project, and they can be arbitrary named by the script writers.
Maintaining a table of events like:
would likely be a pain.
This creates a C++ code dependency which lowers the usefulness of scripting (fast iteration on changes).
Otherwise it's all done lua side which still runs into the hash precision issue.

Have you actually benchmarked this?  The string will be folded into the
constants table at compile time, and should take a similar amount of
time to load from it as a numerical constant.  Additionally, string
comparison for equality boils down to a single pointer compare, so is
very quick; not to mention more readable.


I have not bench marked this, the problem is internal systems still require the hash so the calculation of the hash is an overhead I'd like to avoid.

More thoughts?


On Mon, Oct 12, 2009 at 1:09 PM, Andre de Leiradella <> wrote:
Can't you create a table of events? Your example would become


You can assign numbers to entries in the Events table so Events.ButtonClick will translate to an number (one that fits in a float) which you can easily compare in the C side.



Chris Gagnon wrote:
I'm come to a situation, where to maintain readability for script writers but ensure fast code i want to parse lua code before it goes to the compiler.
The issue i foresee is that I'll essentially want to create user data in the Lua script.

So an example in Lua:
very readable, however strings...yuck

I want to create a hash of that string for speed:
PostEvent( 0xABC45678 )

All is good you might think, however the gotcha is that that we compile lua using a 32-bit float to represent numbers.
Internally that float will lose the precision and hence mess up the 32 bit constant.

Basically I'm looking for any suggestions, as i don't have any great ideas that don't add needless run time overhead.