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Can't you create a table of events? Your example would become


You can assign numbers to entries in the Events table so Events.ButtonClick will translate to an number (one that fits in a float) which you can easily compare in the C side.



Chris Gagnon wrote:
I'm come to a situation, where to maintain readability for script writers but ensure fast code i want to parse lua code before it goes to the compiler. The issue i foresee is that I'll essentially want to create user data in the Lua script.

So an example in Lua:
very readable, however strings...yuck

I want to create a hash of that string for speed:
PostEvent( 0xABC45678 )

All is good you might think, however the gotcha is that that we compile lua using a 32-bit float to represent numbers. Internally that float will lose the precision and hence mess up the 32 bit constant.

Basically I'm looking for any suggestions, as i don't have any great ideas that don't add needless run time overhead.