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These are really good news! Perhaps I can't be presently, but at least in spirit, all the best wishes for the Club.


On Fri, Oct 9, 2009 at 9:44 PM, Stuart P.Bentley <> wrote:
The recent initiative over the LuaForge outage spawned a wiki page on the community infrastructure, and one of the items that it mentioned was that there aren't any regular meetings of the Lua community. Well, this gives me an interesting tangent to bring up something I've started recently: Lua Club!

I go to DigiPen (, a school of video game programming and design. Since Lua is the most used programming language (other than C/C++) in the games industry, this is a prime topic for a club (since nearly all of the students have little to no knowledge of Lua, despite some student teams using it in their game projects).

So I recently started a Lua Club at Digipen (first official meeting next Monday). I haven't mapped out a schedule/agenda for the class (in a test run, only one guy showed up and me and a friend pretty much just explained the ins and outs of Lua to him over a couple of hours), but I have ordered Lua Programming Gems (which is still on its way- I already have hard copies of Programming in Lua 2nd Edition and the Reference Manual) and created a poster (sources attached).

Any presentation ideas / topic suggestions / ways to implement the numerous things I couldn't figure out in window.wlua (passing parameters like Copies to the CanvasDraw print job, saving to an image, shink/stretching the canvas while keeping aspect ratio) are appreciated!

(Also, why hasn't anybody implemented the Lua logo as a Lua script using a library like CanvasDraw yet?)

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