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Now that it's back up, how recent are these backups? I ask because I notice that Lua For Windows only lists the latest version as 5.1.4-29.

From: "Andre Carregal" <>
Sent: Wednesday, October 07, 2009 A10:15
Newsgroups: gmane.comp.lang.lua.general
To: "Lua list" <>
Subject: LuaForge is down and will be for some time

I have bad news about LuaForge, the damage on LuaForge might take some
time to recover. We have data backups for everything, but redoing a
GForge installation is going to take a while. To make things harder,
we are all involved today in the Lua Workshop so this may impact the
recovery time too.

The current plan is to create a new GForge setup and import the data.
If there is anyone on the list with GForge knowledge, please contact
me off list.

I'll keep the list informed about the progress on this operation but
our expectations are that this will certainly take a few days.
Unfortunately, until them we are out of luck with these services: main site (catalog, project info, files downloads, CVS,
issue tracker, forums)
projects mailing lists
projects FTP (the sites are up)

I'm really sorry for the trouble this have caused for everyone using
LuaForge services and I hope we can have everything back asap.

Meanwhile,  I'd like to know what you think about eventually moving
from this setup based on GForge to one based on something else. One
option would be to recommend that projects moved their SCM to sites
like github or Google Code and then leave as just a
catalog and news site.

Of course this eventual migration would be possible only after
LuaForge is back up (still using GForge).

Thanks in advance for your patience.