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2009/10/9 Fernando P. García <>:
> I really would like to help making this an open process, is there some issue
> queue or similar way to report feedback? can we announce the community: the
> next thing after luaforge is: XXXX "help wanted", "feedback welcome", "yes
> we  can" ?

The plan is to most certainly involve the community and as I said
anyone who wants to contact me for more information is welcome to.
There is now an incredible amount of feedback in this thread which
will help drive the design and development of a tool for the Lua

Announcements (when appropriate) will be sent here, however the
discussion of the design and development are being moved off this list
(partly for the people who frankly don't care, and partly so we can
actually have a focused group of developers that is manageable).

Thanks for all the feedback!

- Jim