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steve donovan wrote:
> 2009/10/9 Michal Kolodziejczyk <>:
>> Let me recall similar thread:
> I like the distinction between LOSR (lua open software repository) and
> CLAN (like Perl's CPAN).
> Namespace agreement can be a mission; it will lead to tedious
> arguments and will break a lot of code in the transition.  (E.g.,
> require 'cairo' becomes require 'graphics.cairo', and so forth)  The
> pragmatic solution is to make it easy LuaForge++ for tell you exactly
> what module(s) a package provides. These are not always obvious, e.g.
> I know that LuaFileSystem provides 'lfs' but that's because I know the
> package.  Then there will be no module conflicts _by mistake_.

I would propose prepending a module name with its home domain name (in
"java way"), so:
require 'org.losr.lfs'
which could be "imported" by CLAN and published as:
require 'org.clan.lfs'
require 'org.clan.luafilesystem'

It would by great if it was supported/promoted by luarocks. It would
help resolve conflicting module names, and conflicting files within
different modules.