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Hello Bertrand,

Friday, October 9, 2009, 1:43:08 AM, you wrote:

> It looks like there are (at least) 2 different needs :

> #2. A "forge" where one can work on one's projects using Git,
> Mercurial, SVN, have a ticket system, a wiki, etc

i have several OSS projects and spend some time learning good and bad
sides of several OSS hostings. shortly said, i found that google code
and ms codeplex are best ones. GForge-based hostings got "minimum
sufficient" rank in my tests. i can list some advantages of google

home page is just a wiki where you can write formatted presentation of
your package using all multimedia features, hyperlinks and so on.
there are even widgets that can show, for example, supporting maillist

next, there are downloads/documentation pages that are formatted using
wiki. documentation page can even show tree of contents that is
indispensable if you have large docs

next is Issue tracker with templates, free-form labels and voting
system. well, google tracker is a wonder of its own. btw, downloads
and wiki pages also allow free-form labels in order to make searching
easier, and every page supports user comments

and last is notification system. as administrator, i get notification
about any changes in project - be it svn commit, wiki edit or new
issue comment

ms codeplex have comparable set of features, but somewhat simpler. its
best feature is File Release System that tracks versions (including
past and planned), allows wiki-formatted version description and
user's comments/scores. FRS greatly simplifies releasing process -
just upload files, write wikified description and you are done

while GForge provides all the required features, these are implemented
on basic level and cannot compete with gracefulness of best OSS
hostings. so, having LuaForge as database of links would be much
better, imho

Best regards,