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It looks like there are (at least) 2 different needs :

#1. A library of Lua libraries where one can download .zip/.tgz and
browse libraries by category,
#2. A "forge" where one can work on one's projects using Git,
Mercurial, SVN, have a ticket system, a wiki, etc

#1 could link to #2, as well as link to Github, Bitbucket, Luarocks, whatever.
#1 is probably easier to implement it ourselves, maybe in Lua, maybe
in some other languages. It needs to handle file uploads correctly.

For #2, it's bigger, so it is probably better to use an existing
package. I personally use Indefero, a very nice PHP project, LGPLed. I
have installed it on a Mac-mini in our office with a Git backend, it
works very well : . You might want to try it,
it looks a lot like Google Code.

At the moment, #1 might be more urgent because LuaForge is down.

Bertrand Mansion