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> even now. I'd say, LuaForge needs to be converted to aggregator for
> Lua-related projects. Ohloh ( seems to be a good model for
> such aggregator.

I think this is what Andre meant when he suggested to "leave as just a
catalog and news site". Though we were talking of something more like
Freshmeat / Python Cheese Shop in mind - without so much of Ohloh's
focus on ranking and evaluating. Under this plan, LuaForge would be a
place to learn what modules are available, to check what's new, and to
get the code. Those interested in getting involved with a particular
project, file bugs, etc. will then follow a link to the project's

I would also suggest that subdomains of remain available
for the projects, including new ones, but on a "bring your own
hosting" basis.

- yuri