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E. Wing wrote:
Meanwhile, I patched the existing legacy bridge to be garbage
collection aware and fixed up some major memory leaks. I also have
been working with pieces from Gus Mueller's LuaCore and added some
hand-crafted bindings for the C-parts of Core Animation, though this
is all intended as a temporary layer on the bridge. The next-gen
bridge at least on Mac should be using Bridge Support (like MacRuby
and PyObjC).

How much of this is OSX-specific? Will it work with GNUstep, for example (since I don't have a Mac handy...)

Also, how much introspection can you do on a bridged object? Do you see them simply as opaque Lua objects with method calls peered over to Objective C, or does the full Objective C class hierarchy appear in Lua, which you can then add classes to, etc?

We still lack a good object model. From the one minute I've seen of
Objective Lua, it is very compelling. Is the translation done all
through Lua (no C)? If so, this reminds me a lot of Objective-J and
what the 280 North folks did to Javascript for their web based
application framework called Cappuccino.

About a minute is all it's worth; right now the Objective Lua 'compiler' is an almost trivial syntax hack. The object model is a traditional metatable-based Lua OO system. The only thing slightly interesting about it is that it supports class methods. In fact, it's currently all wrong, and I need to rewrite it. I think I've got a fairly simple design that can support categories.

I didn't know about Objective J; it's rather interesting, and very much the same sort of thing. In fact, I might steal some of their syntax.

There's been a surprising amount of interest. (The reddit link didn't help...) In the past 24 hours that one page alone has had 3300 hits. I usually get about 2000 hits a month *on my entire website*! Admittedly, only 36 actual code downloads, but it's certainly striking a chord with people. Maybe it *would* be worth doing properly...

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