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Jacques Chester wrote:
> Reddited:

My poor, poor web server... I've already had more hits to that one page
in the last twelve hours than I got all last month! But thanks. I find
tsfn46290's comment particularly apropos.

I wrote the web page very late last night, and forgot to mention
Objective C bridging (I've just added a bit on that). What's the state
of LuaObjC? Does it work these days?

I was actually really surprised with how elegantly the ObjC syntax
fitted into the Lua syntax. It might actually be worth turning this into
a real project; I don't know yet. It'd be a lot of work, as it would
need a complete Lua AST serialiser/deserialiser. Can anyone suggest a
decently robust one with proper error handling? Most of the Lua grammars
I've found seem to be part of some larger framework and not really
suitable for standalone use. I picked Leg for this because it was dead
simple, but alas it was so dead simple it's actually getting some
grammar cases wrong... and the error handling isn't brilliant (give it
the wrong syntax and it will usually silently truncate the output
file!). (Personally I'm used to yacc-like grammars. Is there a similar
tool for Lua?)

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