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Philippe Lhoste wrote:
Aah, even if it is in my native language, I find it odd!
Too used to English keywords...
Note: at the time 8-bit computers were flourishing, there were French dialects of Basic, eg. for Thomson's TO-7.

Je me souviens... er, I remember :-)
There was something in Italian too. I think the only survivor is probably Logo.

But, on the other hand, there is only a handful of keywords to know
> (and some library words, although not necessarily in real English,
> see gsub!) and she learns quickly. So English is probably less an
> obstacle than the programming concepts themselves.

My Meccano had booklets in English and French, so before I was 6 I had learned just enough of both languages to follow instructions and build models (ah, the power of motivation...). With a programming language it's even simpler: no grammar or syntax in a literary sense, just a very small set of words to recognize and know the (technical) meaning of.