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Twas brillig at 14:10:11 05.10.2009 UTC+02 when did gyre and gimble:

 JV> Italian and portuguese use alphabets based on the latin one, as do
 JV> most european languages, and most of these alphabets letters have a
 JV> very similar cousin in ASCII.

c and č, z and ž are quite different in, e.g. Czech. And think about an
Icelandic þ.

 JV> But think about Russian, Chinese or Japanese people. While most can
 JV> use a roman alphabet, many (especially the young) may be more
 JV> comfortable with their local characters.

JFYI: there is special "School algorithmic language" succesfully used in
schools in Russia, which recently has been revived and started to be
used again (after years of darkness^Wteaching "how to write letters in
Word"), now as a free software running under all major OSes. This kind
of language has been designed with the single purpose: to teach
algorithmics, by reducing all unnecessary distractions to minimum, so
all the components: IDE, debugger and runtime environment have been
written with this goal in mind. And of course it's fully Cyrillic.

Note that it is designed to be a school language, universities don't
need or use it.


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