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Hi all,

talking about the documentation, of course I'm willing to extend and maintain it. It is one of my top priorities:
I know that the documentation is *very* important for this kind of projects and this is the reason why I've made a lot of efforts to bring something from the beginning.

The documentation system I'm using is with the reStructured Text and Sphinx. These are two excellent piece of software coming from the python guys. The format of the documentation is textual and it is very easy to read and maintain. There are a few conventions to follows but it is very easy to grasp.

The wiki could be a good idea but I don't know how to set it up. Otherwise I still think that interested people can do a little effort and commit to the SVN repository a properly formatted .txt files. It is very easy for everyone to get in and it will assure an higher level of quality for the documentation.


Yes, I've held off playing with numlua for this very reason.

There are lots of interesting goodies in the GSL, like polynomial
fitting.  I had to use numpy this morning to do this, and it was

A suggestion: a wiki (perhaps not open for all to edit) might be a
good idea to get documentation collaboration going.  I am happy to do
some proof-reading (such as replacing the string 'LUA' with the string
'Lua' ;)) but it's not clear how that could work.

steve d.