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steve donovan <> wrote:

> On Tue, Jun 23, 2009 at 12:49 PM, Thomas Lauer<> wrote:
> > This library can be used to embed Perl code into Lua scripts. The main
> > change for version 1.4 is added support for the Perl 5.10 stream (of
> > course, the older Perl 5.8 stream is supported as well).
> A cool hack, but why would a person want to do this?  This is not a
> rhetorical question, I'm genuinely curious.

Quoted from :
If you want to embed live Perl code into your Lua programs, then this
page is for you. (If you ask yourself why anyone in his right mind would
do a thing like that... well, there are reasons:-). One is that I have
so much Perl code lying around (and there is so much more in the CPAN
archives) that it would be a crime to leave this huge potential
untapped. What I am certainly not trying to do here is to preach Perl as
opposed to Lua: I am an entirely pragmatic agnostic in these matters.)

And yeah, I tend to rewrite a lot of my (or 3rd party) Perl code these
days but there are Perl libraries around I still use regularly, for 
instance the ODBC and COM interfaces.

That's just my take of course, but the embedding library receives around
10 to 15 download hits per month, so it seems someone out there does
have a use for it;-)

cheers  thomasl