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This library can be used to embed Perl code into Lua scripts. The main
change for version 1.4 is added support for the Perl 5.10 stream (of
course, the older Perl 5.8 stream is supported as well).

The Lua and C code require Lua 5.1; the DLL binaries were compiled and
tested against the latest Win32 5.1.4 binaries from LuaBinaries (in
other words, they need lua5.1.dll to work).

Without an installed Perl (or at least the perl5X.dll with the Perl core
functions), you won't have much joy either. Dynamic loading of Perl
modules is also supported, but again, you will need to have the modules
properly installed in the first place.

More information, including source code and the binaries for Windows,
can be found here:

LuaPerl is in the public domain.

cheers  thomasl