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A general request, not just for this, but for all announcements,
please put at least a single sentence describing what the software is
for, suitable for people who don't already know (which given the wide
range of lua users, from really different backgrounds, is likely to be
most of the list).

It could be Idle is the tool I've always wanted, finally available in
Lua, and I should drop everything and download it.

Or it could be a toolkit for making custom windows screen savers with
glowing puppy dogs...

I'd like to not have to use google to figure that out.


On Wed, Jun 17, 2009 at 9:09 AM, Thomas Lauer<> wrote:
> I have just released a preliminary version of the Idle Development Kit.
> Sounds grand, but it's simply a small collection of header files and an
> import library to link against idle03.dll. This allows to compile C or
> C++ based extension DLLs for Idle. There are also two full sample
> projects, based on lhf's lmapm/MAPM (Mike's Arbitrary Precision Math
> Library) and luaXML.
> Note: the Idle runtime DLL is currently compiled in such a way that it
> doesn't require any MS runtime library other than the ubiquitous
> MSVCRT.DLL. This release requires linking against MSVCRT.LIB/.DLL as
> well.
> The download contains all required header files, the Idle import library
> and the sample code.
> See .
> Feedback is welcome, especially as this is a prerelease. Further details
> are in the included readme.
> --
> cheers  thomasl
> web: