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I have just released a preliminary version of the Idle Development Kit.

Sounds grand, but it's simply a small collection of header files and an
import library to link against idle03.dll. This allows to compile C or
C++ based extension DLLs for Idle. There are also two full sample
projects, based on lhf's lmapm/MAPM (Mike's Arbitrary Precision Math
Library) and luaXML. 

Note: the Idle runtime DLL is currently compiled in such a way that it
doesn't require any MS runtime library other than the ubiquitous
MSVCRT.DLL. This release requires linking against MSVCRT.LIB/.DLL as

The download contains all required header files, the Idle import library
and the sample code.

See .

Feedback is welcome, especially as this is a prerelease. Further details
are in the included readme.

cheers  thomasl