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On Saturday 13, Alexander Gladysh wrote:
> For now, I have to report that llvm-lua conflicts with Adobe Alchemy
> (which uses earlier llvm version and nastily puts it to a path).

yup, I had tried to get llvm-lua to work with Alchemy before.  Wanted to see 
if I could get llvm-lua to static compile Lua script to ActionScript.  But 
everything I tried failed.  Alchemy uses LLVM 2.1 and there where some major 
changes to the LLVM IR code that made it impossible to share the IR/bitcode 
between llvm-lua & Alchemy.  I even tried LLVM's C backend, but that failed 
in weird ways I don't remember.  So basically I don't plan on trying again 
until Adobe upgrade Alchemy to atleast LLVM 2.4.

Alchemy has a command to remove it from the PATH:

If you used the alcemy-setup script, then that command should be available.

> First sympthom is to see errors like "Must #define
> Perhaps you could put some llvm version check into the makefile?

I don't really want to try adding any version checks to the current Makefile 
based build system.  I have been thinking about switching to using CMake for 
the build system, but haven't taken the time to convert the current Makefiles 
over.  With CMake it would be easier to support version checking.

Robert G. Jakabosky