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I think a major difference of llvm-lua for the lua community
is performance. So is there a performance comparison? I didn't
find it on the project's web site.


>发件人:Robert G. Jakabosky
>发送日期:2009-05-31 13:29:55
>收件人:Lua list
>主题:[ANN] llvm-lua 1.0
>llvm-lua is a Lua JIT/static compiler that uses LLVM on the backend to convert 
Lua bytecode into machine code for faster execution.  Using LLVM gives Lua 
JIT support on cpu architectures other then x86.

This release add some new features and makes llvm-lua easier to use.

New features:
* Support for static compiling Lua scripts into loadable modules.
* Support for embedding llvm-lua with the LLVM JIT.
* New 'lua-compiler' wrapper script makes it easier to static compile Lua 
* Support for debug-hooks & lineinfo.  (requires '-g' command line option to 
turn on)

Some bugs have been fixed since the last release, so if you are using release 
0.5 please upgrade.

There is not much speed improvements over-all, but some scripts run faster 
then the previous release.

The code can be downloaded from the project's website:

Robert G. Jakabosky

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