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Olivier Hamel wrote:
Probably way pre-mature but I can resist asking, does anyone but Roberto know anything of what will be the next version of Lua? I'm interested because from what I've seen Lua has a (good?) peculiar tendency to radically change it's 'feel'/design radically at each iteration.

Besides the core changes that are proposed by the Lua developers, the
only wish I have is for the embedded hex values and to keep the
feature and code bloat to a minimum.

Libraries are preferrable (for me) to builtin features, and the only
thing I'd wish for there is a minimum set of approved core libraries. I
susupect that the defacto standards are (for me again)


Of course, this is my own private wish since I'm implementing
Lua on a very memory constrained system with 256K of FLASH and
64K of RAM.

The emergency garbage collection cycle will be a big help!

The current default garbage collector parameters request a doubling
of the current RAM usage when RAM runs out. Hopefully the new emergency
cycle does the collection and is happy with whatever it comes up
with :-)

My system has a fixed heap for allocations, so sbrk() is meaningless.