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* Olivier Hamel:

> Coroutines:
> * VM: Coco patch integration?

It's probably better to promote a coding style where a C function
which wants to support coroutine.yield puts its internal state on the
heap, so that it can resume computation later.  This is how coroutines
are often implemented on the JVM.

> Syntax:
> * Lexer Only: A continue statement is in dire need, I've found myself
> often wrapping large segments (read: rest of loop code) in a big
> if-then-end block because I couldn't do if-then-continue-end

I'm not sure if this is a real burden.  Local functions help a lot to
structure the code (if top performance is not a concern).

> The alternate suggestion of using ';' to elaborate when to use
> multiple returns might be better (feedback on this please?)?

I don't like how this breaks backwards compatibility in a very subtle

> And that's all I can think of at the moment... I'll be sure to chip
> in anything else I can think of...

Some mechanism to hook into scope exit (to clean up resources) would
be very helpful.  But ask me in a year or two again, when I've written
more Lua code. 8-)