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Sure, but do any programs outside of Notepad, Wordpad and some (very
definitely not all) others on Windows actually deal with BOMs (note
the plural, cf.
). And how many programs outside of Windows do anything appropriate
with a BOM at all?

It may have been a reasonable idea before UTF-8 came along, but even
that must have been a very short period of time.

But anyway, Lua does not actually state that it can dofile() or
require() UTF-8 files anywhere that I can see. So, no problem, right?


On 5/31/09, Javier Bezos <> wrote:
> Robert Raschke wrote:
>  > I've gone and hacked the bit in the lua code that is used to load code
>  > to ignore the silly BOM that M$ insists in introducing into text
>  > files.
> Silly or not, it's a valid option in a UTF-8 file, according to
> the Unicode standard:
>    In UTF-8, the BOM corresponds to the byte sequence <EF16 BB16 BF16>.
>    Although there are never any questions of byte order with UTF-8 text,
>    this sequence can serve as signature for UTF-8 encoded text where the
>    character set is unmarked.
> So, a system claiming it can understand UTF-8 files must be able to
> handle the BOM somehow (like ignoring it).
> Javier
> -----------------------------