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On Fri, May 29, 2009 at 11:22 AM, Cosmin Apreutesei
<> wrote:
> Gotta be my aggressive tone that triggered that reaction :) Apologies
> for that. Also, I consider lfs a good lib -- no probl. w/that either.

Wouldn't go out of the house without it, personally!

> Sure, but are they willing to trade in performance and api coverage?

Sometimes, no. Hence the discussion about lfs.dir()/stat() being
unnecessary slow on Windows. But that case can be covered.

> Operations on paths is part of the random set of choices I was talking
> about since Windows and Unix are so different here (slashes, drive
> letters, invalid characters, extensions, quoting, escaping, etc.). And
> I have a thing with trivial operations implemented in libraries too.
> Their place is on the wiki -- also IMVHO.

I do believe that if a thing can be done in Lua, then do it, it's not
appropriate use of C. But things like getting the basename aren't
actually that trivial.  Copying two files seems trivial until you
realize the expected semantics and corner cases. And there is a case
for a library providing a function that any noob can write; the
operation is then given a name, and the resulting code is easier to
read, assuming people know your libraries.

Copying code from the Wiki seems a rather _primitive_ form of code
reuse ;) A bit like the early Unix days when you had to copy the
structures from the documentation into your source.

steve d.