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On 26/05/2009 00:32, Jonathan Murphy wrote:
It hasn't ended up in the same thread as "Possible to retrieve CURRENT CHUNK for debugging?" to me...

Possibly a difference in the algorithms of the mail clients.
I use Thunderbird, but actually I read the mailing list from Gmane (via NNTP).
But the mentioned mail is In-Reply-To: <> which is the mail of Luiz in the mentioned thread. I try not to be a pest about the netiquette, but sometime it is good to remind some commonly accepted conventions. :-)
I hope it is taken as what it aims to be: a friendly advice.

I also had no problem setting up the filter to work off the From field, maybe try and do that. :)

Well, the mails I received have the From field set to the name and address of the original poster, but as said there are a number of fields useful for filtering.
Can't say for sure, as Gmane adds it own headers and might alter some others.

Philippe Lhoste
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