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I just installed luarocks through macports, and it all seems to be working fine - much easier than all the build-it-myself that I'd been doing before. I had to add "/opt/local/lib/luarocks/bin" to my path to find the scripts I installed, but that's a macports thing.

Now, to use the luarocks installed modules without changing my source, I have to go

lua -lluarocks.require script.lua

which is a bit wordy. Is there a "best practice" for this? Do people set LUA_INIT to "require'luarocks.require'" or "@/whereisit/luarocks/ require.lua"? Or alias lua to 'lua -lluarocks.require'? Any other ideas? I haven't found this mentioned on the mailing list, but please point me that way if it's a faq.

Also, I installed markdown.lua with luarocks. What now? I used to go "lua markdown.lua file.txt" or even "markdown.lua file.txt", but now the best I've managed is

lua /opt/local/lib/luarocks/rocks/markdown/0.32-1/lua/markdown.lua file.txt

It's no problem to stick that in a script or alias it if that's the right thing to do, but I can't help but think I'm missing something really obvious. Am I?

Cheers, and thanks,