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> I just installed luarocks through macports, and it all seems to be working
> fine - much easier than all the build-it-myself that I'd been doing before.

Great. This should method should get documented somewhere.

> lua -lluarocks.require script.lua

You can put require("luarocks.require") inside the script.

> Also, I installed markdown.lua with luarocks.  What now?  I used to go "lua
> markdown.lua file.txt" or even "markdown.lua file.txt", but now the best

This may also answer the previous question: LR can install a package
just as a library or as executable scripts. I believe the rockspec for
markdown assumes you'll only be using it as a library. This is not an
inherent limitation of LR, but of the markdown rockspec. With a proper
rockspec, you should be able to just run it with .../bin/markdown.lua
file.txt - i.e., LR would put the necessary paths inside

  - yuri