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With similar functionality available, you might also be able to just
modify luaconf.h (available as of Lua 5.1.x), adding the appropriate
longjmp replacements.  Search for LUAI_THROW for more info.

Also note, if C++ style exception throwing is available for use on
this platform, Lua can be recompiled to use try/catch blocks instead
of setjmp and longjmp.

David Ludwig

On Wed, Jan 28, 2009 at 8:09 PM, David Given <> wrote:
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> The recent post on using Lua on cell phones reminds me...
> I work for Antix Labs, a company which produces a game playing platform
> that allows cross-platform native gaming (in C) on a variety of devices,
> including both high and low end mobile phones. You write the games in C
> using the OpenKODE standard APIs, compile them with our tools into a
> single deployable package, and then you can install that package onto
> any device with our software on it and it'll Just Work(tm).
> I'd rather like to port Lua to work on OpenKODE, because then we can use
> it as a test harness, and possibly for demo apps. It should be ideal,
> except for one small niggle: OpenKODE doesn't have longjmp.
> Now, because I'm an insider I can make this work (there are internal
> APIs that provide the necessary functionality), but it's fragile and
> fiddly and I'd very much rather use the official APIs where possible.
> So, can anyone recommend any strategies I should look at?
> (mandatory fun corporate links follow)
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> David Given
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