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The recent post on using Lua on cell phones reminds me...

I work for Antix Labs, a company which produces a game playing platform
that allows cross-platform native gaming (in C) on a variety of devices,
including both high and low end mobile phones. You write the games in C
using the OpenKODE standard APIs, compile them with our tools into a
single deployable package, and then you can install that package onto
any device with our software on it and it'll Just Work(tm).

I'd rather like to port Lua to work on OpenKODE, because then we can use
it as a test harness, and possibly for demo apps. It should be ideal,
except for one small niggle: OpenKODE doesn't have longjmp.

Now, because I'm an insider I can make this work (there are internal
APIs that provide the necessary functionality), but it's fragile and
fiddly and I'd very much rather use the official APIs where possible.
So, can anyone recommend any strategies I should look at?

(mandatory fun corporate links follow)

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David Given
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