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this is my traversal code copied right from the docu:

   if (mLuaScriptReadyToExecute)
       if(0 /*normal/unyielded*/ == lua_status(mpLuaState))
           //init lastCycleTimer timer before coroutine starts 1st time
           //to measure elapsed time

           if (mpLuaState && mResetRequires)
               mResetRequires = false;
               lua_getfield(mpLuaState, LUA_REGISTRYINDEX, "_LOADED");

               if (lua_istable(mpLuaState, -1))
                   lua_pushnil(mpLuaState);  /* first key */

                   while (lua_next(mpLuaState, -1))
/* uses 'key' (at index -2) and 'value' (at index -1) */
                       printf("%s - %s\n",
lua_typename(mpLuaState, lua_type(mpLuaState, -2)), lua_typename(mpLuaState, lua_type(mpLuaState, -1))); /* removes 'value'; keeps 'key' for next iteration */
                       lua_pop(mpLuaState, 1);

First-chance exception at 0x00385cba (lua.dll) in entityManager.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation reading location 0x75758f7f. the left ob the bot TValue parameters to luaO_rawequalObj seems to point into nirvana.

The callstack is shown here

No, I don't access lua_State from multiple threads.

Does anybody knows what I'm doing wrong?

Thank you in advance!