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For a project I am working on I have a need for a simple
cross-platform Lua interpreter that will "just work" on a reasonably
standard Mac/Windows system.  Some specific points:

* I want the experience for the user to be similar on both Mac and
Windows machines.
* The Lua core has to be customized a bit, so I have to have some
control over building the libraries/interpreter
* The resulting program should be available for Windows, Intel Mac OS
X and PPC Mac OS X.
* I don't have much experience cross-compiling on Mac OS X to ensure
something runs with prior versions/PPC.

Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas about the best way to go
about implementing this?  I've thought of a number of different
solutions, but none stick out in my mind as the best approach, so I
figured I would ask the experts.  The specific configuration/changes
that need to be made to the core are as follows:

* Includes rrt's bitlib
* Includes string.trim string.split, string.concat and a few other utilities
* Defines global aliases to a number of library functions
* string.format can use argument selection from Lua 4.0
* Ignores the UTF-8 Byte Order Mark at the beginning of a file
* Max stack size increased to 4096

Thanks for any help you can provide

- Jim