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>>>>> "FW" == Florian Weimer <> writes:

 FW> Hmm.  Catch-all without a rethrow is a bad idea because it breaks
 FW> other stuff as well (some implementations of POSIX thread
 FW> cancellation, for instance).
 >> read the comment inside {} ;) logging & exit are The Greatest Action.

 FW> You should really look at std::set_unexpected(), then.

that's bad idea, very bad. but it doesn't matter.

think not about catch(...), think about the fact that only 
catch( void* ) can catch the Lua exceptions. catch( void* ) is
catching ALL pointer-based exceptions (all pointers is casted to
void* by C++ rules). I dont't want to catch 'em all!

that's the problem.

 FW> Chances are
 FW> that it is called with an intact call stack, so you can even get a
 FW> backtrace using non-portable means.

Yours sincerely, Eugeny.
Doctor Web, Ltd.