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Lua throws 'struct lua_longjmp*' which is an undefined type for
everyone but itself. maybe you will add some the fully defined type
could be catched the right way?

take a look here:

int my_func( lua_State *L ) {
  try {
    // blah-blah, possible call funcs from some library
    // call to some Lua function raising error
    // blah, once again
  catch( myexception ) { /* do some great work */ }
  catch( void* ) { throw; /* conceivably Lua exception? */ }
  catch( ... ) { /* general error suicide ;) */ }

using 'catch( void* )' is weird a lot, no one cannot be sure an
another code isn't raising somthing casting to void*.

Yours sincerely, Eugeny.
Doctor Web, Ltd.