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On Wed, 21 Jan 2009, Daniel Wallin wrote:
Jose Luis Hidalgo wrote:
Hi All,

  I just want to add yet another one:

SLB: Simple Lua Binder (
   * templatized, similar to LuaBind but without Boost ( it is just
standard C++ )

So is luabind. It's all standard C++, using some of the Boost libraries.
I normally don't care about things like this, but I'm curious: What made
you decide to reinvent the wheel, not just once but twice, by
reimplementing (at least in parts) luabind and then not even use Boost?

I, for one, welcome very much the fact that SLB avoids Boost.
From my limited experience working with Boost, it is huge, has tons
of interdependencies and in many cases its power is not really needed.
C++ is already heavily over-engineered language, Boost libraries make it even worse.

This is just a private opinion of someone who professionally
developes numerical software in C++ for the last 15 years.
I hope this message would not start a flame war:-)