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Hi All,

  I just want to add yet another one:

SLB: Simple Lua Binder (
   * templatized, similar to LuaBind but without Boost ( it is just
standard C++ )
   * supports virtual functions
   * supports namespaces
   * hybrid classes -> partially implemented in lua
   * can do inheritance from script -> using hybrid classes
   * can add methods implemented using lua api to extend functionality
on the script side.
   * very undocumented, ... but I can do better XD
   * the author is quite near and friendly, well it's me actually XD

I would like to use something like cpp2xml to generate the
wrapper-templatized code, but never got to that point, actually I like
manually wrapping even some methods I turn to lua api to improve its
use, a 1:1 lua version from C++ is not always the best solution.

If you want to give it a try, just tell me.

   Jose-Luis H.

On Tue, Jan 20, 2009 at 2:13 PM, Anders Backman <> wrote:
> Hi all.
> This is probably a wildly discussed topic, but I haven't found a good
> compilation of the resources as new ones pops up all over the place, and
> others die..
> Problem: Given a C++ API I want to export classes, methods, namespaces,
> enums to lua. Being able to implement virtual methods in lua, calling them
> from C++/lua transparently...
> This is a the list I know about, correct me if Im wrong, perhaps someone can
> update a list on the lua site?
> - LuaBridge
>   * Templetized way of exporting C++ classes
>   * Require manual labour of explicitly listing all classes, methods enums
> that should be exported.
>   *one way only, exporting C++ to lua (no virtual callbacks to lua?)
>   * Handles namespaces?
> - LuaBind
>   * Templetized way of exporting C++ classes
>   * Require manual labour of explicitly listing all classes, methods enums
> that should be exported.
>   * Full support of virtual methods
>   * Seems to handle namespaces?
> - tolua
>   * dead
> - tolua++
>   * Parse either modified header files OR cleaned .h (.tolua/.pkg) files
>   * Require manual creation of suitable .pkg files
>   * Do not support virtual methods in lua
>   * Handle namespaces
> - luaQT (right now specialized for QT, but...)
>   * Parse .h files of the target API
>   * Require you to filter out unwanted classes, but after that its automatic
>   * Does not handle namespaces
> More?
> What I really like about the luaQT approach is it has a big gain exporting
> numerous API:s where you want to avoid the manual labour of specifying each
> and every class/method, this is a tedious work and has to be redone each
> time you update your dependencies, unless you want to wrap everything into a
> scripting layer which you then export...
> Right now yet another way would be to use cpp2xml (like luaQT) and generate
> cleaned up .pkg files and run those through tolua++. However this would not
> give me support for virtual methods, this would be added to tolua++...
> Looking for quite some feedback because I know this is a hot issue!
> Cheers, Anders

  Jose L. Hidalgo Valiño (PpluX)
  ---- ----