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The best way would probably be to hire Mike himself to do it. I know such consulting of open source authors has been done for other embedded products.

While at it, the consulting author could be used to spread inside knowledge about the tool (LuaJIT 2.x) to the customer's personnel.

By the way, have you checked how much simply using LNUM patch (optimizes standard Lua performance for non-FPU platform) would help? Maybe it is enough to get your project rolling, and you can jump to LuaJIT 2 when it is ready.

If you have issues with LNUM, you can hire me any time!   8P


KHMan kirjoitti 30.12.2008 kello 11:23:

Erik Hougaard wrote:
zhu honglei wrote:

   * Only x86 (i386+) CPUs are supported right now (but see below).

And I does not find anything (roadmap/discussion) on when LuaJIT will support them.
You should properly send a MIPS based computer to Mike then, thats the normal way to get support for a new hardware platform in open source.

Hear, hear! People with budgets should do it; please support good software. libsdl is a good example where Sam got not insignificant amounts of stuff ( ); Logitech donated peripherals, others a GP2X and a Nintendo DS, and I recall his Mac OS X laptop was almost paid off...

Kein-Hong Man (esq.)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia