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> I have another question - should Lua bytecode generated by Lua Alchemy be
> compatible across all browsers/platforms (to be run by another instance of
> Lua Alchemy), or are there still possible endianness compatibility problems?
> I understand that Lua's function dump relies on the endianness of the
> machine that's running it on, making it nonportable. From what I know of
> ActionScript ByteArrays, they do have an "endian" property for reading and
> writing various number types, but what I don't know is whether this defaults
> to the native endianness or has a fixed default, or whether this is even
> relevant in Lua Alchemy's case.

I believe this should be not relevant to the Lua Alchemy. Needs to be
tested though. Added an item to a TODO list.

Definitely we would provide some way for Lua code to be dumped portably.