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On Mon, Dec 22, 2008 at 6:12 AM, Robert Stehwien <> wrote:
Lua Alchemy is a port of the Lua programming language for ActionScript using Alchemy.  Using v0.1a inside Flash/Flex you can create any ActionScript class available at runtime, call functions, get/set properties on ActionScript objects and use Lua functions as an ActionScript function (including event listeners).

The project can be found here:

A demo can be found here:

Excellent, thank you. I just did a quick test to see if coroutines work - they do - do you know if it would be possible to yield across ActionScript "frames", or does the whole script need to be executed within a single one currently?

The next version will include syntax sugar so instead of calling, "function", param) you could call var.function(param) and similar calls to make calling ActionScript code look the same as calling Lua code.

Would it not be var:function(param) in that case? I know it probably doesn't actually need it to be a Lua method rather than a normal function call, but for consistency's sake.