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On Sun, Dec 14, 2008 at 12:57 AM, Andrew Wilson <> wrote:
> I''ve been trying out PHP and find it very, well, kludgey. So if one
> were interesting in trying out Lua via mod_wombat, where would one
> start, my googling around mod_wombat hasn't been very helpful as do
> how to use mod_wombat. Apache setup/sample Lua scripts any hints,
> pointers would be much appreciated.

I think mod_wombat is not even in beta, every now and then something
is broken and refactored differently. For example, last week I
couldn't use request headers_in / headers_out anymore because this
part was refactored, but not entirely... If you are in a hurry,
mod_wombat is not a solution for you. At the moment, a lot of things
are broken or do not work correctly (you get segmentation fault on 404
or on Lua errors when using some configuration options for example).
But it is a very interesting project and it will surely change the way
people work with Apache.