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Michael Bauroth wrote:

after my first steps with Lua I've found an interesting article about Luabind an gave it a trial. Looks and works great so far. The main advantage from my point of view is easy adoption of graeter C++ projects with minimal intrusion of Lua stuff in our C++ classes through the "automatic" binding.

Now to my question: Does anybody know (hopefully) about a Luabind port for ARM based Windows CE devices?

Best Regards

currently I use LuaBind uncer WinCE. I don't remember if I modified the sources (I think I did not), but rember that luabind relies upon the Boost libraries and these on STL. The STL library for WinCE that comes with VS2005 is incomplete, so I switched to STLport. I have done this about a year ago, so I do not rember the details, but (now) I do not have any problem with luabind.