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Do you need it for interacting with some non-Lua code (which is already using semaphores) or just for managing multithreading?

If the latter, try i.e. Lanes.


On Tue, 09 Dec 2008 20:16:15 -0500 (EST) (Norman Ramsey) wrote:
I haven't had much luck with search engines or Luaforge---does anybody happen to have Lua bindings for Posix semaphores? If not and I get
around to writing some, Luiz will remind me to post...


P.S. This mail is being sent to you automatically. I learned that outgoing email on my new laptop has been silently discarded since I first started it up on October 6. I am re-sending all the old mail, but this mail my no longer be timely, in which case please ignore it with my blesssings. ---Norman