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> One scenario is meteorological data analysis, where non-linear operations
> are run for huge data matrices. In this case, we would be able to define the
> operations as Lua codelets, and run them parallel on the data. I guess only
> Lua of the current scripting languages (and Forth) would be small enough to
> effectively fit in on the CUDA/OpenCL. Even there, some limitations s.a. no
> recursive calls may be too much. But we'll see.

Are you suggesting running Lua instructions in OpenCL? like:

-- begin codelet
for i=1, 10000 do
for j=1, 10000 do
      -- some big fat equation in pure lua that runs in OpenCL
-- end codelet

What about making some form of OpenCL flavored shader as in GLSL or Cg
shaders?  Basically some C codelet that is dynamically compiled and
run in OpenCL.  I haven't read the docs in a while, but from what I
remember from a presentation this summer, code can be dynamically
compiled and executed.